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Our Summer Fun List!

We have put together a fun Summer List with things to do this Summer for the hole family.
Now, there is a major event happening on the 15 of August in our family.
It’s baby Alex Noah ‘s arrival (that’s the name we decided on by the way:) ).
It’s a planned Cesarean, so if he doesn’t plan on coming sooner then 39 weeks, 15 of August it’s going to be his birthday and a big event this Summer.
In England Summer Holiday it’s really short, only 6 weeks…when I was a kid, growing up in Romania I had three full months of Summer Holiday to enjoy !
So there isn’t a lot of time really to fit everything in, but that’s our aim, to make the most of our time!
So here is our list, I hope you feel inspired and you make your own!
Happy Summer everyone!

4 thoughts on “Our Summer Fun List!

  1. Super lista voastra, have fun la indeplinire 🙂 Si noi ne gandeam sa ii punem numele Noah lui asta micul care vine acus dar am ramas la Albert Daniel 🙂 Erika, ce program ai folosit ca sa faci lista?


  2. Acum am 37 de saptamani jumate 🙂 Doctorul zicea ca vine undeva intre 1-5 august. Sper sa vina repede ca nu mai rezist pe caldurile astea.
    Merci de site, o sa il incerc si eu!


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