Letter to my son.

Tomorrow is the big day.
Tomorrow we meet for the very first time.
 Tomorrow I get to hold you.
I, your daddy and sisters loved and prayed for you even before God sent you to us.
You are a blessing and a joy !
I pray, I don’t  take it for granted that you are here with us and that we are privileged, oh so very much so, that you are our child, our son. I can’t wait to watch you giggle and grow and just be.
As you come into this world I pray you will live, live a full life. Serving courageously your maker, our Lord. That you seek to please Him and not the world.
And my son, when you fall, my arms and Gods grace will be right there to pick you up.
He will always be with you and as far as you look to him first and always, you will be in the arms of the one who holds the world in his hands.
Your name will be Alex (Defender of men) Noah (Rest, Comfort). 
He already knows so much about you that we now can only wonder about.
 I love you. God loves you more.

2 thoughts on “Letter to my son.

  1. Beautiful words! I pray everything goes well and that as your family grows God continues to bless you! Felicitarii!! Your Romanian reader from across the pond, Monica 🙂


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