Our trip to London – Visiting The British Museum

This Summer, we decided is going to be the Summer of Museums! We love taking the girls to visit different museums. It’s a great activity to do in the weekend as a family. There is always something fun to do even for toddlers and best of all, it’s free. 
Big sister was fascinated by everything she saw! I confess, it made my heart burst seeing her enjoy it. I dreamt about these days. Visiting museums, libraries and feed their little minds with knowledge..the right kind of knowledge.  Seeing my children grow and discover the beautiful world around them is such a blessing .

This right here, was the best part. There were special desks were museum staff showed and tell the history of objects as old as 700 years. You had the chance to touch and study the beautiful craftsmanship and interesting designs. I think this was my favourite part too.

When Little Sister turn came to touch and feel an 700 year old Chinese decoration, I think the lady’s heart skipped a beat. 🙂

Colouring session.
We had lunch at a small restaurant right across the street from the museum…can’t remember the name..but what I do know…I’m never going back there..EVER. The staff was lovely, but the food..not so much.

The weather was fantastic.
 We had such a slow and  lovely day. We planned the trip ahead of time to avoid any disappointment and unnecessary  stress.
Here are a few tips:
You can visit your local museum website for  opening times and what they have going on, any fees that they might have for special exhibitions that you need to pay cash for, parking arrangements.
 Always carry change with you to pay for parking and the ice-cream van that seams to be EVERYWHERE…and ice cream from the ice-cream van in London it’s NOT cheep.
Where comfortable shoes and clothes…well, for me, that go’s for everyday life with 3 small children. If I don’t feel comfortable with what I am wearing and I have to fuss with a necklace or scarf..I just take it off to avoid getting cranky 🙂 No one likes a cranky mummy.
If the weather is nice, pack a picnic and enjoy it in the park.

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