at the seaside

My girls  love the seaside. They have only experienced the UK  Seaside…it is beautiful I agree, but you can’t really fully  enjoy  it with the water being always cold. ..if it  were  the Black  Sea  or the  Caribbean. ..now that’s a  very different experience. 🙂 
 They were asking to go since school holiday started. So one weekend we went for a  day to…
It was  great fun.  We  enjoyed some  really yummy fish and chips by the  Sea, had fun  at the  fair and just walking down the  beautiful beach. 
Traveling with  three little  ones  is challenging, yes, even  if  it’s just for a few hours. The  phrase ” are we nearly  there  yet  ?”  is asked 15 minutes  into the journey but 
I  love  travellingwith my kids…discovering new  places and seeing it all trough their eyes. They get excited and  marvel  about the littlest things. It  teaches you to  slow down and take it all in. Admire the beauty around us and be thankful for it. And at bedtime,  when you hear : This was the best day ever!, it makes everything worth it! 

 Big Sister keeps discovering new countries on the  map  that she  wants to  visit like they  are  just around the corner.

Can we go on Saturday  mummy?

Oh how I wish my  little one. I  think she  takes after her mama.

Little brother was not that impressed with the cold muddy water and windy weather. I think he was a  bit  overwhelmed 🙂

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