Animals On Parade, First Birthday Party !

Yesterday we celebrated our little baby boy  turning  the  big ONE!  Both of my girls are born  in the winter months  and because baby brother is a Summer  baby  we took advantage of the great outdoors and the  nice weather to have a BBQ party at a country  park.
We had a good time with old and new friends, enjoying some Romanian BBQ.
On Friday  it rained  ALL DAY! we were really thinking about other  options. .a thing  you should do  no matter  the weather or season in this  country really. There  is  a saying  ( from the  wise pig in boots,  Papa Pig) : if you want to rain in England just start up a  BBQ.
 But thankfully  God blessed us with  a  lovely  weather.  The  girls  were  praying for no rain  on the  day and they were so  excited  to  see  God answering  their  prayers!
 The  theme of the party was Animals on Parade as Alex is just  starting to discover them. Here are some of the details:

All the animals got dressed up thanks to some coloured card,cupcakes liners
and my trusty hot glue gun!



For the berry cups I used paper flower pots. I found them on sale and I thought they worked perfect for an outdoor party.

The biscuits and cake were made by a very talented friend from our church.
 For the last few years she has made all our birthday cakes.

    The party bags.I used brown paper bags and made them into a cone and filled them up with jelly beans, some Kinder chocolate, an Animal chocolate bar & a small plastic toy animal and attached a thank you note card.

               When we all started singing Happy Birthday he started crying. He settled quickly and after 10 min he was ready for his nap. He had a full day! Being One and cute is so exhausting you guys. 🙂

Happy birthday little one!

by the end of the day he was out! 🙂
I say this often…but time..sure goes fast.

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