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Living room refresh

Hello, I know I know, it’s been a while. I feel like every time I write a new blog post I have to explain my absence on here…and you know, life gets in the way ūüôā .It’s the Summer Holiday, the kids are off school and I thought what better time to redecorate the living room… because we need more crazy around here.

Let me give you a backstory. We rented this flat (apartment) for the last 6 YEARS! It was supposed to be just a short, one year, stop on our way to renting (hopefully buying ) a house. God had a different plan for us and fast forward 6 years later we are still here and we will still be here for the next 3 years at least, until I finish my degree. It is a very good size two bedroom apartment, two bathrooms, open-space living room and kitchen. ¬†All three kids share a room. It’s big enough to fit three separate beds ( no bunk beds…I don’t really like them, don’t know why) and everything else. I will probably share how we make it work in a room tour blog post in the future.

So as we recently decided that we will not going to be looking for a house for the next three years, I really wanted a refresh of our home. We were always thinking we might move in a few months and so all the things I dreamed about when I envisioned my home to be and feel where always for the future, pined on my Home Pinterest Board. Living in a rented place I am limited with what I can do, but I decided to take that as a challenge and see how I can have the things I love, like the window seat ¬†for example, work for the space I have. We don’t have a huge budget, I am a full time student with three kids on one income ( God bless my sweet husband). ¬†I do have a part time business as an event stylist but it’s not a steady monthly income so there will be a lot of IKEA, charity shops and DIYs. ¬†But I am so excited to share the whole process with you. We are going to start with our living room/ family room/ dinning room…it serves a lot of purposes to our family of five. It’s an open space kitchen and living room so it’s the heart of the home, it’s where we spend most of our time as a family, where we entertain and were our guests sleep.

Today I will share some of my inspiration for the open-space living room with you and how I plan to make it work for our space.

The inspiration:


And this is the space we are working with, this is how the living room looks now:



I love the idea of a window seat with tall bookshelves on either side. A place where my kids can snuggle with a book or day dream looking out the window. So I am thinking Ikea Billy bookshelves on each side of the window with doors on the bottom for more hidden storage and a Kallax unit as window bench. Something like this.


The window is actually a double door Juliet balcony and the only natural light source for the whole room- living room and kitchen, so I need them to still open. So I am thinking to add castor wheels to move it around. Also there’s a low window sill that I have to work around it, I don’t really have a solution about that yet, any suggestions are more then needed.

We are also replacing the sofa for a sofa bed, ¬†the TV stand for a chest of drawers ¬†and the kitchen/ dining table. What I want from this space is more storage = less clutter, more seating areas, more light, and for the whole place to feel more grounded, I am thinking of an area rug too. We will love to replace the carpet flooring with hardwood flooring but that’s a no go in a rental.

The Ikea delivery is supposed to be here in 10 days!! We have to refresh the wall paint by then. I will love to replace the ¬†magnolia color we have now with a bright white but our kitchen units are a glossy magnolia color and I am afraid it might clash and make them look like they’re ¬†dirty…the same with the white bookcase on one of the walls, so the jury is still out on that one.

Can’t wait to share some Ikea hacks and DIY projects from this whole process with you all and of course the big reveal.

Thank you for reading!




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