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What’s in my diaper bag? + outfit of the day WIWW

These type of blog posts are one of my favourites to read.
So here I go, I would like to share with you today what’s in my diaper bag.
Let’s start with the bag.
 It’s actually not a diaper bag. After three children and many diaper bags I think a backpack is the wisest idea.  It’s a Betty Barclay backpack. I found it at TKMaxx for 20% off. You can easily attach it to the pushchair when you are on the move by its straps or using a mummy clip and keep it on your back while you play with your little ones at the park. This way you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing it from the pushchair (it can happen, trust me) and it’s out of your way, nothing slides of your shoulder. It’s great for travelling as well!
Jacket: Gap
T-shirt: a shop in Romania
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Birkenstock ( Arizona in black)- the most comfortable shoe/sandals ever…I have the tan lines to prove it! 🙂
 Another thing when choosing a diaper bag that I have learnt is, are the one caring the bag, so it should suit you and not the baby. If you or your husband like wearing a bright pink polka dots puffy bag…more power to you! Rock it, if not, go with something that you enjoy and it’s durable…it will be spit on, stepped on and so on…I will stop at that, it such a nice bag that it hurts writing all the things it’s been trough. 🙂
This is what I carry with me most of the time. If it’s a Sunday I will add a small bag with crayons and two note pads for my girls to have in church.

A small nappy bag that it’s water Prof with wipes, I use WaterWipes, they are really good and with no nasty chemicals, 
diapers, just pampers, we started out with Nadine diapers but every night the diaper would leak so we went for Pampers,
 Sudocream to prevent and treat any diaper rash, a change of spare clothes and socks.
Water bottle, spoon , a pot of snack or food ( depends were we go and for how long)
Sofie the giraffe, a fun book that Alex just got as a present for his birthday.
Hand Sanitiser, a Neutogena travel size hand cream , fun plasters for the girls, a pen and note pad because I am always making lists. My Fossil wallet, and my makeup bag because I do my minimal make-up on the go.
That’s it.
I don’t carry any other bag with me, this is it, it doubles at as a purse and diaper bag. When I need to change my little one I just get the small nappy bag out and I have everything in without searching trough the bag for what I need.
Do you have any tips or a product that you find useful for your diaper bag?
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Animals On Parade, First Birthday Party !

Yesterday we celebrated our little baby boy  turning  the  big ONE!  Both of my girls are born  in the winter months  and because baby brother is a Summer  baby  we took advantage of the great outdoors and the  nice weather to have a BBQ party at a country  park.
We had a good time with old and new friends, enjoying some Romanian BBQ.
On Friday  it rained  ALL DAY! we were really thinking about other  options. .a thing  you should do  no matter  the weather or season in this  country really. There  is  a saying  ( from the  wise pig in boots,  Papa Pig) : if you want to rain in England just start up a  BBQ.
 But thankfully  God blessed us with  a  lovely  weather.  The  girls  were  praying for no rain  on the  day and they were so  excited  to  see  God answering  their  prayers!
 The  theme of the party was Animals on Parade as Alex is just  starting to discover them. Here are some of the details:

All the animals got dressed up thanks to some coloured card,cupcakes liners
and my trusty hot glue gun!



For the berry cups I used paper flower pots. I found them on sale and I thought they worked perfect for an outdoor party.

The biscuits and cake were made by a very talented friend from our church.
 For the last few years she has made all our birthday cakes.

    The party bags.I used brown paper bags and made them into a cone and filled them up with jelly beans, some Kinder chocolate, an Animal chocolate bar & a small plastic toy animal and attached a thank you note card.

               When we all started singing Happy Birthday he started crying. He settled quickly and after 10 min he was ready for his nap. He had a full day! Being One and cute is so exhausting you guys. 🙂

Happy birthday little one!

by the end of the day he was out! 🙂
I say this often…but time..sure goes fast.

at the seaside

My girls  love the seaside. They have only experienced the UK  Seaside…it is beautiful I agree, but you can’t really fully  enjoy  it with the water being always cold. ..if it  were  the Black  Sea  or the  Caribbean. that’s a  very different experience. 🙂 
 They were asking to go since school holiday started. So one weekend we went for a  day to…
It was  great fun.  We  enjoyed some  really yummy fish and chips by the  Sea, had fun  at the  fair and just walking down the  beautiful beach. 
Traveling with  three little  ones  is challenging, yes, even  if  it’s just for a few hours. The  phrase ” are we nearly  there  yet  ?”  is asked 15 minutes  into the journey but 
I  love  travellingwith my kids…discovering new  places and seeing it all trough their eyes. They get excited and  marvel  about the littlest things. It  teaches you to  slow down and take it all in. Admire the beauty around us and be thankful for it. And at bedtime,  when you hear : This was the best day ever!, it makes everything worth it! 

 Big Sister keeps discovering new countries on the  map  that she  wants to  visit like they  are  just around the corner.

Can we go on Saturday  mummy?

Oh how I wish my  little one. I  think she  takes after her mama.

Little brother was not that impressed with the cold muddy water and windy weather. I think he was a  bit  overwhelmed 🙂

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I think these type of blog posts are my favourite.It’s like an entry to a journal or a memory box with pictures of moments that I would like to keep and remember for ever. Life is short, so I want to share the best days and remember the good.
A lot has happen since my last post:

I went back to blond!

                        We went to visit family and friends in Romania for 10 days.

Last month we celebrated 8 years of marriage! So, while in Romania we took a family photo in the exact same spot were we took our wedding pictures.


Lunch the airport.

After all that Romanian food and eating like there’s no tomorrow…it’s time to …
well…eat a melon..?…

 …& talk to the ducks.

 Can you tell by his cute little face that he still wakes up 5 times EVERY night?

 Thank you Tesco for your free magazine…we use it as craft supply to entertain little sister and baby brother as we wait for big sister to finish her tennis lessons.

                                   This is what keeps me together…it’s like glue…but tastes better.

                                             Oh..Love hose chubby little legs! It’s Summer! for like…3 days.


      She made up a song about me. Mummy is a tissue, she wipes your mouth she wipes your nose, mummy is a tissue!
Yup, that’s motherhood for you folks!

                                                    We have the same bottom teeth.:D


                                                               Thank you for reading!


Our trip to London – Visiting The British Museum

This Summer, we decided is going to be the Summer of Museums! We love taking the girls to visit different museums. It’s a great activity to do in the weekend as a family. There is always something fun to do even for toddlers and best of all, it’s free. 
Big sister was fascinated by everything she saw! I confess, it made my heart burst seeing her enjoy it. I dreamt about these days. Visiting museums, libraries and feed their little minds with knowledge..the right kind of knowledge.  Seeing my children grow and discover the beautiful world around them is such a blessing .

This right here, was the best part. There were special desks were museum staff showed and tell the history of objects as old as 700 years. You had the chance to touch and study the beautiful craftsmanship and interesting designs. I think this was my favourite part too.

When Little Sister turn came to touch and feel an 700 year old Chinese decoration, I think the lady’s heart skipped a beat. 🙂

Colouring session.
We had lunch at a small restaurant right across the street from the museum…can’t remember the name..but what I do know…I’m never going back there..EVER. The staff was lovely, but the food..not so much.

The weather was fantastic.
 We had such a slow and  lovely day. We planned the trip ahead of time to avoid any disappointment and unnecessary  stress.
Here are a few tips:
You can visit your local museum website for  opening times and what they have going on, any fees that they might have for special exhibitions that you need to pay cash for, parking arrangements.
 Always carry change with you to pay for parking and the ice-cream van that seams to be EVERYWHERE…and ice cream from the ice-cream van in London it’s NOT cheep.
Where comfortable shoes and clothes…well, for me, that go’s for everyday life with 3 small children. If I don’t feel comfortable with what I am wearing and I have to fuss with a necklace or scarf..I just take it off to avoid getting cranky 🙂 No one likes a cranky mummy.
If the weather is nice, pack a picnic and enjoy it in the park.

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Spring is here!! yay!! You have no idea how excited I am for warm weather!
 As soon as  Christmas is done 😦 ,  I am ready for some sunny skies, fresh spring flowers and Easter!
In our family, Easter is all about Jesus!
 Sure, bunnies and baby chicks are cute but the reason for the holiday is what our Lord Jesus did on the cross and that he is risen !
So to celebrate that, I am sharing with you how to make your own festive Easter Moss Wreath.
I was considering adding some bunting to it but I kind of  like the simplicity of it…just the moss and the twiggy cross. Sometimes simple is better.
 Here is what you need:
-2  flexible foam pipe insulation (you can find them at any DIY- Wilko or B&Q)
-dry moss – you can use artificial moss too you can find them at your local florist or Amazon.
-black tape
-green thread to match your moss
-green spray paint –
I spray painted the wreath green first, just so that if any of the base colour  was showing through, it wont be noticeable, but I could have skipped this step. The moss covered everything really nice and didn’t ripped that much ( I used this moss many times before for party decor and it held up really well).
-some fresh spring twigs for your cross.

Use your pipe insulation to make two circles.
 For the first one I used the exact length that it came in 100 cm and 15 mm thick.
 For the small one I just cut it to fit . Use tape to stick the ends together.

To be sure they won’t pop open I went a bit cray cray with the tape and cover the whole thing.

Yes… there is a green spray paint circle mark  now on my driveway…I should have used a piece of cardboard or something..oh well…we get plenty of rain…it will wash off…eventually.

  Now the messy fun part.
The moss that I used came in one big piece, so I just started to cover my wreath and secure it with green twine by wrapping it around it as I went. I didn’t really bothered to cover the back completely, just made sure the front was nice and tidy.
 I used a dot of hot glue for the twigs and then wrapped some string over the base of the cross.
And you are done!
I had the perfect spot for it! Thinking of making one for my front door! Love it so much I’m keeping it up until Christmas!


Love this little detail. You can see new life  blooming!


       If this tutorial was helpful please share it!
Again, thank you for reading!
Happy Spring!
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TOUCAN BOX REVIEW + Code for your very own FREE Box

If you have been following my blog for a while you know me and my girls love crafts. Anything that has to do with glue, cutting and fun projects, we love! So when the opportunity to review the ToucanBox came, I said, Yes, please!
This is such a cool and fun idea!
Toucan Box is  a craft box with everything you need for a fun project. Depending on your preferred subscription you have a fun book in there as well that go’s with the theme of the box.
They offer three different types of boxes. All suitable for children aged 3-8 years old.
 Petite boxes  are £4.93 contain one project and are shipped every fortnight. Grande boxes, £ 12.90, contain two themed projects and a reading book, and are shipped once a month. Super boxes, £19.9,  contain four themed projects and are also delivered once a month. All prices include postage.
You start by choosing you subscription type, personalise your box with your child’s name, age and theme and they deliver it to your door!
 You can also buy one-off items from their on-line shop such as party bags, giant paintable Rockets and Arts Award Kits.
Our box was a Petite box that included one project. The theme was Pirate Adventures. And we had two fun crafts: a parrot and a treasure map!
As soon as the girls noticed the theme, they went and put their pirate costume on!

The box is so well put together!
They had so much fun making the treasure map. We followed the instructions provided in the box and painted the paper with the black tea to give it that aged effect.
Everything was provided in the box! Big Sister just finished the Pirates Topic at school so she explained all about pirates to Little Sister. They had lots of fun.

Making the parrot was their favourite part!

They had hours of fun playing pirates!
So I would like to say thank you Toucan Box and I definitely recommend it to all you craft lovers out there and to those who feel lost in a craft supply shop…Toucan Box does it all for you, straight to your door ! How convenient is that!?
There is a code at the end of this post for your very own FREE Toucan Box to try it for yourself!
I KNOW!!!!
You are welcome!
Press Play:
For your free taster box, simply go here and use the code TOUCAN to get the free box ( you need to add your card details and then cancel once the free box has been sent if you don’t want to be charged for the next months box).

                                                            Thank you for reading!


Big Sister is 6.


A few months after we celebrated our One year wedding anniversary we found out we were expecting our first blessing!
 I can’t believe I have a 6 year old. And what an amazing 6 year old she is.
 We celebrated her birthday together as a family by starting the day with cake for breakfast.
 It becoming a tradition. I always made them a festive breakfast for their birthdays, but this year we skipped the birthday parties and together with the girls decided on being just us, no fuss no stress, and making their day special with little surprises and their festive cake.

My dear Emma, you are such a blessing and a joy to us!  We love you so very much and we are so amazed by your kind and gentle spirit! Always ready to help and nurture your little sister and brother. You are going to be such a great mummy one day!

You are funny and you love to make people laugh. I adore your laugh, it’s so contagious!
I pray you will never lose that!
I pray that God will bless you all the days of your life my sweet baby girl!

                                                            Happy birthday Big Sister!


Little sister is 4!


 This morning we had birthday cake for breakfast! It’s my 4 year old’s birthday! 4! wow! We are so blessed by our children! Truly, children are a blessing from the Lord!
She is so excited for her birthday! Since this morning she has the biggest smile on her face!

We surprised her with her Minnie Mouse boutique cake that she was praying for .  She went to preschool with no fuss and when I picked her up with baby brother we had some balloons for her! She was over the moon. She loves all the attention and that this day it’s all about her.
On our way to preschool this morning, I asked her what would she like to do for her birthday. And she said that all she wants is a party with her family in her room playing pass the parcel.
So as soon as she got home, she got some toilet paper and some small toys and started wrapping them for the game. I offered to help but she insisted that it’s her birthday and her party and she has to do it on her own…I wander were did she got that from…not me. Looking forward  to a fun family  party tonight when daddy gets off work.

My sweet Hannah!
Today is your birthday!
  Every day you inspire and challenge me to be a better mum.
 You are strong willed and courageous! You my darling daughter can move mountains!
 We adore you and we are so blessed to be your mama and daddy! We can’t wait to see you bloom into the woman God has created you to be.
 Happy birthday Hanny!


Baby Alex Noah. Six months.


Were did time go?…I say that a lot…
I love this season of motherhood. This right now, is my favourite. Well, every stage is kind of my favourite…
We did had a rough start with colics and chickenpox…not fun! But thank God all is well and my baby is growing so well! He is so alert and engaging and laughs his head off at his sisters shenanigans. He is such a joy and a blessing.

Motherhood is no easy job …having three little ones depending on you for everything is a huge responsibility. Sometimes I feel like all I’m doing is meddling with these perfect spirits and placing my own fears and habits and short comings on them. I spend a lot of my time  praying I don’t mess them up too terribly. I’m just thankful I have been given this chance, with these three beautiful healthy and happy babies of mine.
I wouldn’t mind if time slowed down and let us linger a bit longer. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to wake up soon and it will all have been a very short dream.